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Obsession: Feminine Fragrances

Scents for the Sensitive

It’s tough for some women to find the perfect fragrance, but its an even bigger challenge when you have a hyper-sensitive sence of smell. The overwhelming aroma of alcohol can be enough to give you a headache before you even walk out the door, and for many- just walking past someone in public who has doused themselves can be enough to do the trick. Here are 3 scents that are sure to put a new meaning to the phrase “Nose Candy.”

1. A budget-friendly selection of Eau de Parfums and Eau de Toilettes, the “Grace” series by Philosophy is one of national beauty retailer, Sephora’s top selling fragrance lines. These tiny on-the-go bottles don’t spray, but will fit in any size bag and are even small enough to add onto your carry-on luggage! (.33 oz each)

“State of Grace mini fragrance wardrobe” by Philosophy; $35.00

2. Let’s face it, sometimes you sleep in and miss the opportunity to shower. IT HAPPENS! For a quick solution, Fresh’s (quite the appropriately named brand, eh?) Sugar Lemon scent smells wonderfully clean and refreshing, with the perfect hint of sweetness. (Includes spray cap, 3.4 oz)

“Sugar Lemon Eau de Parfum” by Fresh; $80.00

3. Technically this is a masculine fragrance, but what girl doesn’t steal her man’s cologne every now and then? Rose 31’s aroma is so intoxicating, no one would ever know the difference. Since stumbling upon the Le Labo counter at Barney’s the other day, its been a rude obsession. Not only are all Le Labo’s fragrances natural- but if you go directly into the store, they’ll grind the scent for you on the spot! (Smaller sizes available, 3.4 oz)

“Rose 31 Eau de Parfum/Natural Spray” by Le Labo; $220.00

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